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TOP 10 Home Repairs...(okay 12) to do before listing your property for sale!

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

Before putting your property on the market, it’s important to take a step back and imagine how buyers will feel when they tour it. Watch any HGTV show to see how savvy buyers have become! Unless you are listing a fixer-upper + including Chip and Joanna, buyers are looking for as close to “move-in ready” as possible. They want to walk in + feel like the home has been well-maintained inside + out. This influences the ultimate SALES price!

Owners can make potential buyers feel confident in the property by making necessary home repairs before listing it. If not....they may just pass on your home + go to the next house on the block that is already repaired, redesigned + staged! Let's stay competitive!

BUT HAVE NO FEAR... there are some smaller, more common repairs that can be done swiftly + easily that add a lot of dollars to your selling price! Here’s a list of the most important home repairs to do before selling: (AND MOST CAN BE DONE WHILE SHELTERING IN PLACE):

Must-Do Repair Checklist

1. Exterior Pavement + Driveway ─ Pressure-wash your pathways + driveway, then repair any cracks or stains. This will help improve your overall curb appeal plus make buyers less nervous about the condition of the property. If they see things that appear in bad shape... they start imagining more problems they can't see!

2. Lawn + Landscaping ─ The lawn should be neat + tidy while it’s on the market. Replace any bald patches in the grass + remove weeds. Trim the trees, replace any flowers that have seen better days with fresh ones or clean mulch. (this goes for Condo's as well- clean up balcony's or rooftops!) Bonus points for outdoor lights!

3. Mailbox ─ Make sure the mailbox is in good condition + that the numbers on the side are fully visible. If it’s looking a little old or worn down, repaint it or replace it with a new one. Adding some chic updated house numbers takes years off a property!

4. Fence ─ If the fence is stained- repaint or re-stain it to its former glory. If it’s falling apart, replace the broken areas or consider taking it out or switching the fence out entirely. Sometimes adding shrubbery works just as well + less expensive!

5. Front Door ─ The front door is vulnerable to the elements, so it’s likely to need a fresh coat of paint or stain - to get rid of the weathered look. Buyers have a lot of time to observe this area while they wait to be let in, so you want to make sure it makes a great first impression.

6. Interior Walls ─ Repair any holes in the walls left behind by décor that was hanging or general wear and tear. It’s a huge return on investment to add a fresh coat of paint on the entire house before listing it. Paint the walls in a nice, neutral color. Now is not the time to get colorful.

7. Flooring ─ Different types of flooring require different maintenance. For carpet, give it a deep cleaning + if any stains are left over, consider replacing it altogether or adding an area rug. Tile + wood floors should be steamed + polished. Did you know many steam cleaning companies do kitchen + bathroom tile too?! Great ROI!

8. Ceiling ─ If there are any stains left behind by old leaks, be sure to put a fresh coat of paint over them. Popcorn ceilings definitely date a home + are sadly- super undesirable to most buyers, so it’s worth the investment to have it scraped off (generally around 3K- I know- but...updating that ceiling could lead to at least an additional 5-7K).

9. Doors ─ Check all doors for any marks or damages and repaint or repair as needed. Make sure none of the doors stick or squeak when used. Doorknobs should be updated + in good condition- as should the door stoppers. Same goes for screens and windows- make sure all are in working order + clean.

10. Caulking ─ It is common for the caulking around bathtubs, sinks, windows + baseboards to get damaged and stained over time. Purchase caulk from a local hardware store online for pick-up to easily update any areas that need to be freshened up.

11. PRO TIP MUST DO: Baseboards + Light switches─ Some of the most overlooked features in a home are the baseboards, but they can have a surprisingly large effect on how your home shows. Fix any chips or damages in the baseboards, clean off any marks, and put a fresh coat on them to brighten them up. Same goes for light switches as well! CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN- actually Mr. Clean will be your new best friend! He removes a multitude of yuck + wear!

Easiest but could be the best + most beneficial for your time and happiness....

Hire A.H. HOME to de-clutter + organize then redesign + stage!

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