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about our studio

Each home + redesign is different-

So, we treat it that way. 

A.H.HOME focuses on the specific needs of each individual project resulting in the most positive experience for our clients.

Our comprehensive consultation will provide a detailed strategy + establish an action plan.

We work side by side with our home owners, real estate agents + developers to ensure the process goes smoothly + that we exceed our biggest goals in the speediest of manners.

When rental furniture or that extra special something is needed, our inventory allows us to select the perfect piece or curate an online shopping list for you!

Let's go!


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behind the scenes
what matters
what matters

Our goal with A.H.HOME is to serve and make a difference in our community as well. A portion of all proceeds go to funding charitable organizations such as Humble Design, a non-profit helping families transitioning out of homeless shelters by providing furnishings and design services.

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anne harvey
anne harvey

I remember my first piano lesson very clearly, not for the music, but my urge to move my teacher's piano three feet to the left and re-position the settee away from the window. While I never became a professional pianist, even from my early days I knew I wanted to redesign spaces.

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call:  312.805.0852

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