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Our goal is to make refreshing your home a pleasant and easy experience. We offer an array of services. Redesign looks at the process of redefining the spaces in a home, based on the lifestyle of the client, to make it work better. Home Staging is the art of preparing a home for sale by cleaning, de-cluttering, depersonalizing + redesigning.  We do it all and then some..... We would love to discuss your needs and our solutions!

one-on-one house coaching: it's life coaching for your house! we go step by step to give an action plan of what to do to sell your property for more money, faster. One day.... can make you a lot more money!

redesign: we specialize in redesign services. We love homes so let us help you love yours. Quick and affordable, this service would include maximizing your space by using what you already have in your home. Using an objective professional eye, we will re-curate your space, edit your personal items, re-position your furniture + accessories, and potentially recommend a few new items to add to the space to complete the rooms. Additional shopping services are available as well.    

vacant staging : A.H. HOME can furnish your home so your potential buyers will be moved to move in! We offer competitive pricing, quick turn around and use our own hand-picked inventory for that "wow" factor. staging vacant homes makes homes sell faster and for more money. period. 

de-cluttering: bring us in for the purge. Depending on how much you would like to do on your own, you may elect to start as a ½ day and become so motivated you will want to complete the rest on your own! Other clients prefer the full day so they are held accountable and have a task master with them to help keep them going! One day will change your life and how you live with your "stuff"

downsizing: it may be time to start a new chapter and downsize into a smaller home. We will help you organize what should move to the new place to make it "home"

Additional Design Services:

kidschic: kids grow up fast, but their tastes change even faster! Let us help redo their room. A little change can make a big difference and a more peaceful family dinner.

finishes: getting to pick out all your finishes on a new home or project...and getting more overwhelmed than excited? let us narrow done the search to your perfect picks.

refresh and renew: your taste buds change every 7 years...maybe so should your couch. Hire us to add in a few updated touches to refresh your look.

residential project management:  service is the perfect option for sellers who require assistance beyond home staging.  Whether you’re selling an estate condition property that needs renovation and or clearing out, or simply need someone to manage updates prior to home staging, then this is the service for you.  Our residential project management service includes all services you need prior to staging + staging and post sale removal of all furnishings.

vendor liaison: this is what we do, so let us do it for you. We act as your liaison  with your (or our) vendors should you require additional services. we have a number of companies we work with - let's get some quotes and get to work.



we do it all- let us know how we may assist you.

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