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Selling your home can be a daunting process. Don't worry, this is where you start!

Here are 10 things you can do to stage your home for sale.

Take a step back when preparing your property for sale and remember that this is no longer your home but your investment for your future. We want your house to have the biggest and broadest buyer appeal. Here's how...

De-best start is to de-clutter Sounds easy right? Well, sometimes not that easy. Start your pre-pack as soon as possible. You need to decide what you are going to keep, give away, sell or throw away/recycle. Buyers will not be able to see the space that you have and therefore will come to the conclusion that the house is short on storage space. Begin by removing items from all counter tops and surfaces and clear out 1/2 of your bookshelves and toy areas. Pack up items and put them in storage while your house is on the market. This could include some furniture as well. Move out any furniture that is crowding the space. Many clients will rent storage lockers or have pods delivered AND REMOVED. If your property looks too jammed up with your "stuff" why would any potential buyers think there's will fit? Clear out so much, that it will look (to you) like you got robbed!

Clean and then clean again Have we mentioned cleaning? A clean home is essential. Buyers don’t want to see a dirty bathtub or scuffed walls. Clean as if Architectural Digest was coming over with Gwenyth Paltrow to judge it- so make sure your home shines from top to bottom! Prospective buyers expect an immaculate home with no signs of dirt or anything "used". Pay particular attention to kitchens and bathrooms to impress your buyers. Mr. Clean erasers will change your life! Every door and each wall scuff, light switches- wipe down with Mr. Clean and watch for the sheen (okay- bad - but it really cleans like magic) baseboards, vents, from ceiling to floor- window to walls- keep scrubbing! Also, you can cut up the eraser into like 10 pieces to save- they work so well even in small sizes.

Let there be light Warm and welcoming lighting and increased wattage show off rooms in their best light (see the pun!). If you have a dark room, invest in a couple of lamps and some brighter bulbs to create a sunny, cheerful ambience in each room. Spend money on new light fixtures in brushed nickel or stainless steel. Use of natural light is really important so embrace it and use it effectively, all drapes and blinds are OPEN. Adding some strategically placed mirrors in a room can enhance both natural light and artificial light and add focal points.

De-personalize your personal space Remember, your home is now a property- so let's remove personal items such as family photos, diplomas and personal anything. Potential buyers can't see themselves in the house if they still see you! You want buyers to view it as their home, not yours.

Show off your storage Clean out your closet and other storage spaces. The emptier they are, the more spacious they will appear. Decrease all items in closets, cabinets, garages and crawl spaces by 50%. 5-0! Closet and storage spaces sell homes! If necessary, you can move excess items to an off-site storage unit. This does not mean under beds!

Remove odors Have you ever walked down an aisle at the grocery and been bombarded by scents? Even if it's pleasant to you- vanilla bean lavender honey blossom- candles may not be to your perspective buyer. DON'T ADD. Just make certain it smells clean. You can also grind half a lemon in the garbage disposal to remove sink odors. If you have pets, make sure they are not present during showings and remove litter boxes and food. Fabreeze may become your signature scent.

Define your spaces People don't want to not know how to use a room. Say that 3 times fast. Plus, did you know bedrooms make more money? If you have a bedroom that you use as a home office or play room, make it a bedroom again! Fake it if you don't have furniture, just use a double-height inflatable mattress and dress it up as a bed. White linens only please- this goes for all bedding and bathroom towels. Think spa-

Spiff it up What needs to be addressed that maybe you didn't get around to yet. DO IT NOW. The HVAC, ROOF issues etc will be found in the inspection regardless. Replace or clean curtains and window treatments and torn screens. You want to create a clean, well maintained looking space to give confidence that the house has been well cared for inside and out.


Paint walls a neutral color to create a serene vibe. No accent walls or jarring colors.

Bedrooms make more money (upwards of $1,800) by being painted cerulean to cadet blue. People pay more for a muted color over leaving bathrooms white. Light gray or soft light blue cooks up more that $1,800 in kitchens compared to losing $800 by painting it yellow. Hallways, entryways and dining rooms are best if they are light blue/gray or the ever popular GREIGE, but lose upwards of $2,000 if they are painted red.

Curb appeal What is your properties "first impression"? Depending on the season you may want to have pots of flowers or snowshoe mats to greet buyers; a clean and inviting door mat; new and shiny door handles and/or knockers; a freshly painted door, de-bugged light fixtures etc.... This goes for condo's as well. Clean up your hallways, decks, back stairs. Buyers will be looking, examining and monetizing everything they see!

Just like any time company is coming over..... Before any showing or open house, make sure that your staging efforts go the full mile to make your home inviting. These include fresh flowers, letting fresh air into the house, making the beds and wiping down all surface areas.

But should this be too much or you would like to outsource such tasks..... Hire A.H.HOME to handle all your redesign + staging needs. This is what we do + we do it well + will happily take this off your stressful to do list!

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