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Updated: Jun 24, 2019

If supermarket sweep had a "Update your home addition" that combined buying home items fast to update your space. This is your cheatsheet to win. You are welcome.

1. Fresh Coat of Paint. Regardless of the Pantone color of the year- the Greige family is still holding firmly as the most used color palette. Gray/ Grey- it's still beloved. Bennington Gray is still my go to... it's green, it's blue, it's grey, it's moody, it's clean, it brightens and it's cozy. The 2019 Benjamin Moore Color of the Year is a gorgeous shade of taupe/gray called Benjamin Moore Metropolitan.

2. Accent Textiles. Invest in good solid REAL furniture and pieces that will last the test of time. Get trendy with pillows, throw blankets and area rugs. Pillows get the middle "chop" and blankets get thrown diagonally across arm chairs, backs of sofas or over the corner of the bed. Area Rugs just need to be clean and durable as they are able to set a tone and bring a room together- by clearly identifying designated areas (get it - area rug...) Plus, due to the smaller size- they can be switched without the big price tag of a large rug. Like animal prints....mod patterns and boho styles? Then here's the way to zusz up your space and getting a big bang for your buck.

3. Window treatments. Okay, not so fast- but yes fast. Everywhere from Bed Bath and Beyond to Restoration Hardware and every home goods store in the world and on line- has some inexpensive self installing new window treatments- be it blinds or drapes. I only ask that you make the most of the windows. Hang the window treatments all the way to the ceiling and on the outside of the window frame to get the most light and size from your windows. If you like the look of a valence- again place it above window frame. Windows don't look great with bangs.

4. Artwork. My favorite. With some many online options of original artwork and so many ways to print inexpensively (Kinkos / Costco etc)- why not treat yo' self to the real deal? (minted, etsy, A.H.HOME's Joe's Print Shoppee) mix and match and have fun with many medias and sizes. Check out our blog post about creating a gallery wall.

5. Light Fixtures. Nothing adds texture and depth like multiple light sources. And have you been to Home Depot lately? They have really stepped up their products to compete with the most trendy options out there. Or try something more industrial. Edison bulbs still make a fun stylish inexpensive change. Table lamps and overhead lighting with dimmers and recessed lighting change a room from meh to ohh la la- with a flick of a switch.

6. Or, as always, hire A.H.HOME and let us do it for you!

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