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5 Top Flower Styling Tips- From Bell Biv DeVoe..... now you know.

I have always loved flowers and wanted to be the type of person that could arrange flowers effortlessly. Sadly, I am not. However, there are a few rules in flower arranging that everyone (including a black thumb flower gal like myself) can do to make your floral designs have a beautiful, achievable, professional look

The basic rules of flower arranging include sounding like a 90's R + B group or song... they are Proportion Balance Harmony Color Texture Suitability

Baby got Proportion.....

Becky look at her .....Proportion

The sizes of the flowers, foliage and container should all be in proportion to each other. For example, a tall arrangement of long stemmed roses would be out of proportion arranged in a small vase. It would not only look top-heavy, it would be in danger of toppling over. (Add any Sir- Mix-a Lot references here) At the opposite end of the scale short-stemmed flowers should not be placed in a large urn or they will appear lost. An arrangement should also be in proportion to the surroundings. A small posy suitable for a coffee table would be lost in a large reception room. Churches and hotel foyers need large arrangements in keeping with their larger than usual surroundings. ... With a bloom thing in your face you get sprung!

bye bye bye....being out of balance

Balance Here's a NSYNC reminder....When correct balance is achieved, an arrangement looks “right.” If it is not balanced it is like seeing a picture hanging crooked- it makes it look uneasy and you immediately want to fix-it. The height of the arrangement should be at least one and a half times the height of the container. For example if a container is 9 1/2 inches tall; the height of the arrangement should be at least at least 15 inches high. An arrangement can certainly be much higher than this, but for correct balance it should not be lower.

Bone Thugs and Harmony The materials such as flowers, foliage, color, container and any accessories used in an arrangement should all look as if they belong together. You should not put exotic orchids with simple garden daisies. Orchids are best used with similar type hothouse flowers. Daisies have a casual charm of their own and look great arranged in a simple pottery container. Put like with like to get a lot of "likes"

Rhythm Nation With a flower arrangement the eye should be initially attracted to the overall design and then move from flower to flower. It should flow so it appears natural and not be stiff. Flower heads should be on different levels. Flowers all placed on the one level will look lame and uninteresting. Aim for a three-dimensional look in your designs. Depth is achieved by placing the smallest flowers around the edge of a design. This enables the eye to travel from the largest feature flowers in the centre, through to the medium sized flowers, and then to the smallest flowers or buds that are placed around the edges.

don't go chasing fake flowers, please stick to the real flowers that you are used to

CRAZYSEXYCOOL Texture The materials used in flower arranging differ greatly in texture. You should use different textures that go well together to give variety to your designs.

Color The choice of color should be chosen to suit the occasion and the surroundings Certain colors complement each other. Yellow is bright and cheerful.

Blue and green are cool and soothing. Pink is feminine and uplifting. Orange and gold are warm and mellow. Red is associated with love and is vibrant and exciting. Purple is a symbol of royalty and is rich and dramatic. But we knew that!

Rich and Dramatic!

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