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Top 5 additional things to do when Painting

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

They call paint- money in a can + boy is it ever. The return on investment when painting is huge when you sell your home. A fresh coat of paint refreshes the whole space + adds the allure of being clean + up to date. But what else makes home buyers like your property over the competition? Five quick updates will make the whole property appeal to the most buyers + get you the most money!

1. Look up for hidden money! Lighting! The painters will have to remove the old fixture regardless- why not put up something brand spanking new!

2. Go from builder to designer. Often times, people keep the same hardware on kitchen + bathroom cabinets that the builders put into their homes. Update the whole room by changing the least expensive part. Think about current design trends. Going from brass to silver or brushed nickel is a game changer. Or go dark to coordinate with your flooring or railing. Major upgrades for cents!

3. Locked and loaded with gunk! When was the last time you took a gander at your door knobs? Over time, locks + knobs can become banged up + loose. Changing out the locks on your doors + hinges is a relatively simple way of updating not only the look of your entrance ( + interior doors), but also your security + frankly your peace of mind. Think about other entrance upgrades like more modern house numbers, doorbells (smart or otherwise) + light fixtures.

4. Baseboards + chair rails. Often just considered as decorative elements- they are actual work horses- that save your walls from scuffs. Add or repaint to look fresh + chic.

5. We look so much at our computer screens....we may overlook the other screens! Repair + clean your window screens to add instant curb appeal + inside out appeal. Damaged or dingy screen screams price reduction- as the property appears not well cared for.

An updated + well cared for home equals money in your pocket!

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